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For iPhone 6 /6s Tempered Glass Mirror Front and Back Screen Protector Rose Gold


For iPhone 6 /6s Tempered Glass Mirror Front and Back Screen Protector Rose Gold

Packaging includes:

  • 1 x Mirror Front Black Screen Protector
  • 1 x Mirror Back Black Screen Protector
  • 1 x Wet Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Dry Cleaning Cloth
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For iPhone 6 /6s Tempered Glass Mirror Front and Back Screen Protector

This day, almost every person uses a smartphone. Apple iPhone is one of the popular smartphones all over the world. There is a bunch of iPhone models that were so popular when they were released. Some of them are iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone XS max. As generally iPhone costs more than other similar phones, after buying your favorite device you may worry about “how to protect my phone from damages & scratches” or what is the best screen protector for iPhone or what is the best iPhone case etc.

It is better to use a screen protector glass such as a best iPhone 6 /6s screen protector glass. According to user experience, you won’t even feel that your phone has an extra layer of the screen protector. The touch sensitivity obviously won’t be affected at all. The interface won’t be reduced by this best tempered glass screen protector, it will remain as original.

There are many benefits of using a best tempered glass screen protector, such as, a best iPhone 6 /6s screen protector glass of a high quality is a great shield against the harmful elements and it is also ultra-resistant against shocks and protects your iPhone from dust, water, lubricants or other harmful penetrations without affecting the touch sensitivity of the iPhone. Moreover, it is also a perfect shield against the sharp objects. It is really worth using a tempered glass screen protector. It is not possible to scratch a protector of a best screen protector brand by coins, keys and other such objects as protector has a higher hardness level than these objects. Your phone’s screen will not get scratched if you are using a best screen protector brand because gorilla glass is used in the manufacturing of these screens which is quite resistant against common possible frictions.

Can Save Plenty of Money:
Moreover, if you don’t use anything to protect your smartphone then if your phone drops or get scratched then your phone will directly lose its value. Then at a certain stage you will need to change your phone original case or even the phone. Suppose your iPhone has got a deep scratched in the display or even got broken the display then you will have to change the iPhone’s display which is damn expensive. But if you used best iPhone 6 /6s screen protector glass then you will have to change only this iPhone glass screen protector which costs around 20-30 dollars only. As a result, a best screen protector will give you a great price value alongside protection.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector VS Plastic:
There is also plastic screen protector available in the market. You can do a comparison of tempered glass screen protector vs plastic screen protector. When you will touch both of the screen protectors types to find which the best screen protector is, you will feel that the tempered glass screen protector is the superior choice in terms of the comparison of tempered glass screen protector vs plastic screen protector. The tempered glass screen protector is more ultra transparent while the plastic protector will become fade very soon.

So it is also very important to know how to choose the best screen protector. If you do a mistake here then you will be failed to get superior protection for the iPhone’s screen. You should consider at least these points below to choose the best screen protector for your iPhone…

  1. Toughness
    When you will buy an iPhone 6 /6s screen protector glass, you will have to check whether it is doing its job as a screen protector or not. Best iPhone glass screen protector should be able to stand against any pressure or impact to protect the screen. And most of the tempered glass protector companies are able to do that. One of the strongest screen protectors is that which has a hardness of 9H. Most of the screen protectors which are not tempered glass do not have a hardness of 9H, but most of them are advertised as so. So before you buy the tempered screen protector, be sure if it has a hardness of 9H.
  2. Touch Sensitivity
    Touch sensitivity is most important for a smartphone. If the touch sensor doesn’t work properly your phone will be useless. If you install a wrong glass screen protector or you don’t install it correctly in your iPhone you may face touch sensitivity problem. Many companies only use adhesive on the border side and fill in the areas in between the glass and the screen with dot matrix. This makes the screen to get touch screen errors and loss in sensitivity.
  3. Edge-to-Edge Cover
    Now, we can see a lot of smartphone with different designs. The designs are changing day by day. There are many types of display of the smartphone. Such as flat, notch, small curve and the bigger curve which also known as the edge. How well does tempered glass protect edged phones? Many tempered glass screen protectors damage the integrity of edge phones by compromising the edge part with adhesive and cover the adhesive with colors. And there is a very important point, that tempered glass screen protectors should be able to protect edge-to-edge display without any funny business. It should be also crystal clear all the way around even on the edge. Look for a screen protector that reliably protects all parts of the screen.
  4. Smudge Proof
    To keep your high resolution phone smudge free is really important to keep its outlook undistorted. If you can keep your smartphone smudge free, it will be looked sharp and new as like as it was. Some screen protectors have smudged proof technology so you might want to take a look at that. That’s why you should also keep this thing in mind while buying the best screen protector.


The resilience of 9H, 99% anti-glare and 98% anti UVA-UVB, it is specially manufactured to be several times stronger than the PET film. It has magnificent defense against sharp objects such as keys or blades.
Premium quality, ultra-clear HD transparency that preserves the original viewing quality and it is reinforced exclusively to sustain from shock absorbency. It is 0.2 – 0.3mm thick with 3D touch making it completely responsive. It will maintain full touch sensitivity of your smartphone whilst effectively fitting the surface area of your screen when installed.

How to Use:

  • Clean your smartphone screen with the provided wipes.
  • Hold the screen protector and carefully peel off the film on its sticky side.
  • Very carefully align the screen protector with your smartphone screen, making sure to line up the Home button and camera holes.
  • Remove the top layer of film to reveal your completely clear and clean screen.

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