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Waterproof Aqua Splash Pouch Case – Light Blue


Waterproof Aqua Splash Pouch Case – Light Blue

Package Includes:

  • 1x Aqua Splash Pouch
  • 1x Velcro Arm Strap
  • 1x Neck Strap


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Waterproof Aqua Splash Pouch Case



The Aqua Splash Pouch is the perfect travel complement to accompany you wherever or whenever! Whether you’re into sports or pleasure, it will protect your smart phone. Perfect to use in all weather conditions. Protection from rain, snow, water splashes, dust and dirt elements. Excellent for fishing, skiing and around the sandy beaches or poolside and bars.

The Aqua Splash Pouch is sealed and waterproof. It features a transparent clear window design for ease of browsing. Touchscreen capabilities that are fully functional, viewing and video recording, use of camera, receiving and making calls. Allowing full function of your smart phone whilst in the protective pouch.

Apart from your Smartphone, it is also a multi-use pouch for storing your cards, cash and any other valuable or useful items.



  • Compatible with all Smartphones up to size 5.5”
  • Ultra slim & extremely lightweight and surprisingly durable
  • It’s high performance is suitable for all ages
  • It has a Velcro arm strap and neck strap
  • PVC- strong and flexible
  • Resistant to UV and cold weather condition
  • It consists of a double turn lock plastic firm closure
  • Easy to lock and open.

The Aqua Splash Pouch is cleverly designed for carry of ease, it has a Velcro arm strap and neck strap, both removable making it very convenient to use.

Compatible with all Smartphones up to size 5.5” (Please note, iPhone 7/7plus™ may need to be removed from pouch. Home button can sometimes not work due to capacitive sensing technology on both the multi-touch display and Home button. Instead of inward when pressed, the Home button detects presence and pressure of your finger. Therefore, when you press it, you feel a slight click. There are 3 clicks to choose from, none of which will respond whilst covered. Any other devices with similar Home button, may not work too. This is how it has been designed. All else will function as desired).


How to Use:

Check for any damages before use, especially the opening clips and opening of pouch.

Also, check each time before use.

Open the clips on both ends, place your smart phone in and securely close both clips.

Remember to wipe and clean after each use. Lay downside of the pouch to prevent any water or debris being left inside which may cause damage.

Sudden temperature change may cause humidity in the pouch, open seal and let it dry completely.

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